Newnigma2 v3.0


* Enigma2 2.6: 16.05.2010
* Enigma2 Plugins 2.6: 16.05.2010
* Newnigma2 Plugins: 16.05.2010

DM 500 HD

* driver: 13.04.2010
* secondstage: 78


* new kernel:
New kernel for DM8000, DM800HD and DM500HD, from 2.6.12 to 2.6.18

* new oe:
Changed from oe 1.5 to 1.6 What is oe?

* Wlan (USB)
Now automatically activated after startup/reboot

* USB-Stick
New kernel has changed usb identification. If you plugin an usb-stick, it is identified as sda1. After rebooting your box, it will be identified as /media/hdd.
The reason is very simple: sda1 can be an usb-stick or an external hdd

* MediaTomb:
What is MediaTomb. This UPnP MediaServer on your Dreambox is for a connection ie PS3 and Dreambox or Samsungs Medi@-Center and Dreambox

* new bootlogos:
New bootlogos for DM8000, DM800HD and DM500HD

* new configsaver option:
Now you can save your configs to an ftp-server too.

* DTS-Downmix:
This plugin can downmix your mkv with dts sound to ac3 without converting

* new newnigmascript:
new scriptexecuter which runs in backround. copy your script to /usr/script/ and execute it via Newnigma2 Services menu.

* some fixes:
- Webradio is now much faster
- HDD-Detection since unstable Images
- SRT Subitles

* translations:
some translations are corrected:


For a detailed manual and changes click here

* skins:
only support for skins, that are on the feed.


No update from 2.8.4 to 3.0 possible, because of the new kernel.

Newnigma2 v3.0 -- DM 500 HD