Azbox HD and the Method IKS
According to information circulating ranging receivers (HD models) of Azbox are opening some channels of the signal from a South American carrier codified under the conditional access system Nagra 3.
Said opening is made by the method known as IKS (continuous supply of encryption keys over the Internet) and using a plugin called 'choeps', given that Azbox HD tuners are 'open' when seven channels.

Apparently the process is fairly simple, the Internet users take out the plug, install and activate the Azbox with the command.

remember that IKS requires a permanent connection to the Internet (rj45 cable plugged into the receiver input eternet).
This is a method widely used some years in the U.S. with servers from Countries
is somewhat in line with what currently exists in Europe (CS-sharing or calling card)

note *
this solution does not fit any azbox SD (standard).

here is a net withdrawal of the news today

Cardsharing and IKS is the new nightmare of Subscription TV by Sky and Telefonica

Mal began implementing the system Nagra 3 to protect its autumn schedule and Telefonica Digital TV is already living a new nightmare, systems and IKS Cardsharing are taking place in the old system of breaking the encryption key and opening up the channels before seemed inviolable.

For those who do not know, Cardsharing the solution was abroad when the Sky and Dish Network shut down their signals with the NDS and Nagra 3 hitherto inviolable by the system of wrapping keys generated in the receiver itself.

The solution for users was then set up a system where you can share the information in your signature card on the Internet. In this system the user has the card to be shared rides a "server" of Cardsharing and share or sell the information in your signature card so that other users can watch the programming on subscription television operator as if they were subscribers of that card. The digital receiver should be on all the time on the internet.

From a legal standpoint the Cardsharing is liable to criminal prosecution either for those who share the card as to who uses the card information shared to open the TV signal from any carrier.

IKS system in the solution is similar, however the manufacturers of digital satellite receivers are designed to this end set up their own servers and provide information that allows the operator to open the signal via the Internet to recipients who must be online all the time Internet to open the pay-TV signal. In this case there is no charge for information that allows you to open the sign of pay TV.

Manufacturers of digital satellite receivers as Probox Azbox and have started to offer its users the IKS servers.

It is worth remembering that in Brazil the providers of Internet access are all in the hands of the owners of cable TV, which facilitates the tracking of both servers as users of the systems mentioned above.