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Thread: vsr-400 help needed

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    vsr-400 help needed

    I have access to getting a Astrovox vsr400.
    I would like to know what I can do with this box or would it be a waste of my time.
    If it can be used, where can i get instructions, firmware, software and how to for it.
    I currently running with my dm7000, t-rex cam, ku and c-band (3 lnbs) dishs.
    Any assist will be great...Thanks in advance

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    Re: vsr-400 help needed

    Hi Momba, I have astrovox 400 iR Supper, hoping that that is the one you want to acquire. If it is free go ahead, or if ti is for a small price go ahead. But a setback i've got is not being able to upgade the software, plus it not being HD/DVB-S2 compliant. For the latter, I want to sell it or just leave it for my home museum.

    Next time you are seeking help be more elaborate about your setup, as it explains your condition well enough to elicite a good reply. Your dm must be HD compliant, isnt it?

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