Thu, 27 May

6:00am Holiday Show
6:30am Travel Deals Direct
7:00am Travel Deals Direct
7:30am Great Scenic Railways: US and Canada
8:00am Secrets of Bangkok
9:00am Holiday Show
9:30am Travel Deals Direct
10:00am Planet Food
11:00am Globe Trekker
12:00pm Holiday Show
12:30pm Travel Deals Direct
1:00pm Travel Deals Direct
1:30pm Chef Abroad
2:00pm Floyd Uncorked
2:30pm Essential
3:00pm Globe Trekker
4:00pm Holiday Show
4:30pm Travel Deals Direct
5:00pm Travel Deals Direct
5:30pm Globe Trekker
6:30pm Essential
7:00pm Planet Food
Angela May's culinary journey through Greece takes her from the bustling capital of Athens to hi... (read more)
8:00pm Holiday Show
8:30pm Travel Deals Direct
Travel Deals Direct is a fully independent teleshopping channel offering a wide selection of great v... (read more)

9:00pm Cruising the Spirit of Adventure
To most, cruising immediately brings to mind huge ships touring the Mediterranean or the Caribbean.... (read more)
10:00pm Globe Trekker
Famous for its cuisine, art and architecture, France is the world's most popular tourist destina... (read more)
11:00pm Globe Trekker
Ian Wright island hops around the pristine coral atolls of the Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean. Ia... (read more)
12:00am Julian and Camilla's World Odyssey
Reunited after five years, Julian and Camilla meet up in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo to rekindle... (read more)
1:00am Taste Takes Off
1:30am Flavours of Peru
2:00am Panasia
2:30am Opening Soon
3:00am Planet Food
4:00am Julian and Camilla's World Odyssey
5:00am Globe Trekker