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Thread: Why not a BIG Comprehensive Tutorial ?

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    Lightbulb Why not a BIG Comprehensive Tutorial ?

    The tutorials available on this site are the best. Has anyone considered gathering the best ones and editing them into a single tome? This would be a nice project for a small group consisting of those out there with lots of experience and representatives from the newbie community. The writers of the excellent tutorials available here have been gracious enough to share their knowledge and I expect were motivated to write them in the first place because they remember when they were once newbie’s. Granted, this stuff isn't rocket science but the reality is that there is considerable prerequisite knowledge of computing necessary. I see this as a good thing because it keeps those who are merely looking to get free tv at bay.

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    Re: Comprehensive Tutorial


    We're thinking it's better to keep lot of individual tutorials because you don't need to download 90Mo just to setup inadyn or any other fonction...
    But it was an idea too


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