HAVE YOUR SAY: World Cup confusion
by John Parnell

With just weeks to go till kick-off, many viewers in the Middle East are still unsure of how to gain access to FIFA World Cup broadcasts.

One of the most-watched events globally is once again causing confusion in the Middle East. Millions have been priced-out due to the obligatory 12-month subscription to Al Jazeera sports. Millions more are just plain confused.

The structure of the distribution could force some viewers to turn to grey market access from outside the MENA footprint. Cable redistribution will be more valuable and desirable than ever before, regardless of its illegality.

How do you plan to watch? Should the World Cup be universally free to air in every market? Could giant audience figures and associated ad revenues have exceeded what the potential subscription revenue? Are you unfazed by the whole situation and more than happy to hand over how ever much money it takes to see all the action? Has your cable TV operator secured its access to Al Jazeera Sports?