The Viaccess PC 4.0 encryption in the spotlight of piracy

The latest version of conditional access system of the subsidiary of France Télécom has to face delicitiva practice of hackers looking for vulnerable points.

From various social networks announced that the "hackers" have managed to give a further step in its intentions very safe encryption alleged Viaccess PC 4.0.

Once again be questioned again the vulnerability of this coding after the problems with the old PC versions 2.6 and PC 3.0. Now the latest reports say that Viaccess PC 4.0 has been "open" the anti-cardsharing, to share the sign of the pay-TV illegally.

One of the platforms it illegal practice punishable could be Al Jazeera Sports Qatar television in recent months had turned off the smart cards of its subscribers with the PC versions 2.6 and PC 3.0 with the goal of eradicating piracy.

In the case confirmed the vulnerability of Viaccess PC 4.0, a subsidiary of France Télécom should rethink completely change the conditional access system and thus do not facilitate the task of hackers to the security of other encodings, such as or Videoguard Nagravision do not hesitate to focus its criminal practices in the French system.