Al Jazeera Sports +11 appears in the satellite Hot Bird 9

The popular sports network plans to Qatar, it seems, continue to increase its number of channels with the imminent start of World Cup Soccer South Africa.

So just see a new channel, which makes up 11 in the satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird 9 (13 ° East). You can tune in the frequency 11 296 MHz-H (DVB-S, MPEG 2, SR 27500, FEC 3 / 4) in the same transponder where you can find the ten remaining encrypted channels Al Jazeera Sport +1 and ranging from the +10.

However, for the moment there is no sign of it nor have defined the technical parameters of video and audio.

Finally appears or not Al Jazeera Sports +11 what it is clear that the technical quality of the video leave much to be desired because of the high number of channels on one transponder so that digital compression will have to be very high.

It is also assumed that Al Jazeera Sports +11 are also present in the satellites Badr 6 (26 ° East) and Nilesat (7 º West).