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Thread: Is TV Kabo become in Nagra 2?

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    Is TV Kabo become in Nagra 2?

    some chanels on TV Cabo as Sport TV, Eurosport, Biography chanel.. are off but RTP1, 2:, SIC.. are oN..

    1) there are new keys for the OFF chanels? or,
    2) the OFF chanels became in Nagra 2?

    If such chanels are in nagra2, is it possible to open them ith tmb files on titanium?


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    Re: Is TV Kabo become in Nagra 2?

    for now forget the titanyum only the rom101 or 110 open the system n2 but if you wanth somenthing faster you have the t rex or dragon or the best for mi dreambox or another opciones minus expensives

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    Re: Is TV Kabo become in Nagra 2?

    I confirm............
    Dragon does it all

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    Re: Is TV Kabo become in Nagra 2?

    ok, many thx for your response !

    so, if i understood well:

    1) i have to forget my old Tita card for instance cuz it 's not working ny mo for n2.
    2) but i use my tita on an allcam reciver with embaded firmware (Xsat 410 flashed allcam.. old technollogy but it ran well..). I guess it's possible to load a special firmware in order to open n2.. is it correct? if so, i have to fine the good firmware..
    3) dragon ? ok... so i have to buy a reciver with a CI free... is Matrix open n2 also? or it is only dragon?

    thx for you attention

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    Talking Re: Is TV Kabo become in Nagra 2?

    the reload only open the digital plus sorry for the best inside the context of cams is the trex or drgon for now but you have the reborne is sttil work nice in kaka and d+ for long time i dont know in the nexts weeks you have another new cam the name is diablo cam

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    Re: Is TV Kabo become in Nagra 2?

    ok, many thx for your quick response !
    so i m going to buy a trex/dragon cam.
    However, whcih firmware do i put in the cam? predator 330?... whould i use penta files also? i m a bit confused between predator and penta...

    So you confiirm that trex cam works 100% on all chanels of cabo?

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    Re: Is TV Kabo become in Nagra 2?

    Predator 330 will open cabo and d+ on 30west
    also opens TPS,swiss channels on hotbird
    also opens d+ spain on 19east
    also opens visavision on 8west

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    Re: Is TV Kabo become in Nagra 2?

    ok, fine !

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