Hi friends,
I am always looking for a tutorial on how to boot and install Ubuntu 4.10 on a CCcaminfophp!
That's what I did:
I copied the whole package CCcaminfophp in the folder: var / www.
and I delete the old "index.php" "
then I did chmod-Rf 755 / var / www in the terminal.
All seemed well until this point.
I activates webinfo, user, pass, in cccam. cfg

In addition, I set the var / www / config.php with the settings
($ CCCamWebInfo [] = array ("", "16001", "root", "dreambox");)
(As we know)
I did
. I did not do well to start the web page about this program, how it normally Start with the chart ... etc.
I do not know where exactly is the problem
Help me to realize I can end this program do exactly walk
thank you friends