GfK expects 137,000 3D sets in Holland

By Robert Briel
June 8, 2010 09.47 UK

Retail research institute GfK expects that a total of 137,000 3D TV sets will be sold in The Netherlands. The total market for TV sets in the country will be around 1.95 million. GfK believes an additional 75,000 will be sold thanks to the FIFA 2010 World Cup games.

GfK also said that it believes more than half of all LCD TV sets sold this year will be LED sets, a technology that was only introduced last year on the market.

With regards to the take-up of digital TV subscriptions, the Digital TV Monitor from the Immovator network now says that before the end of June, there will be 5 million digital TV homes, via cable, DTH, IPTV or DTT combined. This meansthat 67% of all Dutch TV homes will be digital.