Hi guys, I'm after a little advice.

I'm currently starting with no equipment other than my 2 HTPC in separate rooms which are currently networked into my server in the study.

I'd like to make better use of my server by using tvheadend (http://www.lonelycoder.com/hts/) to feed my 2 HTPC (running xbmc).

Equipment i believe I'll need (please correct me if im wrong);
  • DVB-S2 PCI Card (will i need a CI or will emulation do?)

  • Motorised Dish (any idea on size, i was thinking 80cm one but i'm guessing most people will say 1m. I'm in the midlands, uk)

  • Quad lnb (is 2 feeds per hd channel correct?)

To start with i'm after english speaking channels with a hope to start with subscription channels when i've learnt a bit more (hence needing either a CI or emulation).

It would be great to hear some input from you guys. A little side question (please don't laugh at me for this, lol). With dish measurements, say if it was a 1m dish. Does that mean 1m from top to bottom or would it be slightly smaller because of the curve?

thanks for your advice!