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Thread: Predator or Penta - Nagra2 aladin

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    Predator or Penta - Nagra2 aladin

    I'm a bite confused:

    what 's the better files that i have to use within the Dragon cam for opening tv ca*B*o nagra 2... predator 330? ?.. and do i need the penta files ?

    I don t understand the difference between predator and penta.. is predator file a firmware for the dragon cam and penta is for what?

    are we sure that cabo works 100% with predator files?

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    Re: Predator or Penta - Nagra2 aladin

    penta - is a card, I think it is a 6464 - penta files is for flashig this card. predator is for flashing cam module T-Rex or Dragon (the diference is only name). So, Dragon module you have to flash to support some encription and to remove some bugs from existent (previous) flash. After that penta card is used for decoding several paytvchanels (like chanels with cryptowork codification) - you have to introduce dragon in common interface os your tuner, and penta in posposed dragon module - after that every thing will be fine

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