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Thread: Next YE 17500P2 FTA with xbox

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    Next YE 17500P2 FTA with xbox


    I have above mentioned receiver with xbox but I cannot get it to work. I have upgraded with new tool and ever since it do not work. Led on the xbox do not blink at all but when I connect on other receiver (at my friens place) it work fine. Seems like that something went wrong when I did receiver upgrade. I tried to return receiver to previous state but still do not work. I have tried positions 21 degres and 53 degres with newest softcams for xbox but no luck. Does anybody know is it possible to upgrade stb to stb for this type of receiver and since everything work fine for my friend maybe I can take his receiver to upgrade mine. Or does anybody on this forum have some better idea? Please help.

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    Re: Next YE 17500P2 FTA with xbox

    meny end go in module end go cas ok com port put on free end go red put baud rate 9600

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