HD World Cup in Russia

By Chris Dziadul
June 15, 2010 08.05 UK

The Russian cable operator Akado has added a new pay-TV channel named 2Sport2 to its offer. A joint venture between the national broadcaster Channel One and RTR and is offering coverage of the World Cup in HD.

According to AKTR and CNews, Akado currently has around 15,000 HD customers and this is the second major sporting event they will have been able to watch in the format after the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games earlier this year.

HD transmissions of the World Cup on 2Sport2 are also being carried by the St Petersburg cable network TKT and it seems likely that the channel Ė though at what date is not yet clear Ė will also be added to Comstar-UTSís TV offer.

The HD World Cup coverage 2Sport2 is being offered to viewers on a monthly (non-calendar) fee basis from June 11 until July 11, when the tournament officially ends.