Digi TV: 11 Romanian channels,end Nagravision 2

release date: June 15, 2010, 15:58 TODAY!

In the old system Nagravision 2 (CAID 1801) was now on Digi TV disconnected a total of 16 television programs! After five Hungarian stations which do not use the system N2 from noon today during the afternoon 11 Romanian channels end using the the old system N2 .

The era of the possible unauthorized reception is about to expire. RCS / RDS, the service provider also switched off Nagravision 2 programs at the Romanian Antenna 3 TV Favorit (freq 12.527 GHz, Col. H), movie channels ActionStar, Comedy Star CineStar (freq 12.531 GHz, Col. V, SR 23340, FEC 3 / 4), Disney Channel, National TV, Realitatea TV (freq 12.687 GHz, Col. H), Sport 1 Romania (freq 12.717 GHz, Col. V, SR 18400, FEC 3 / 4) and the Hallmark Channel and Zone Reality TV (freq 12.723 GHz, Col. H). Unless otherwise specified, use the multiplexes on Intelsat satellites from 1910 to 1902 (1 W), SR 27500, FEC 3 / 4.

The above programs use a higher security version of the Nagra Media Access - Nagravision 3 (CAID 1802) and Nagravision 4 (CAID 1880).