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    Question Amos Satellite

    I need to watch some channels on Amos satellites ... i have a nilesat cam installed , do i need Amos cam to watch the channels or not?

    By the way i don't know which Amos satellite should i use to watch its channel so please tell me

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Amos Satellite

    I guess you don't really know what you talk about. There are no such things like nilesat cam or Amos cam . At first decide which channels you want to watch and forget about packages using NDS encryption ( like yes or Boom). Then do some reading whether is it possible to watch them without legal card. And frankly speaking nobody will bother answering such questions which show that you need to do some serious reading prior to ask any question-- that's why you post has been unanswered for more than a month

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