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Thread: usb to serial convertor

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    usb to serial convertor

    this is a driver for anyone wanting to use
    a lap-top to load software/ patches etc:
    onto there sat receivers.
    [1] load on to pc: without connecting the device
    it might ask you to uninstall old drivers>say>yes.when loaded
    [2] re-start the pc:
    [3] connect the device
    [4] check in device manager settings.
    "prolific usb to serial com port,com1"
    these devices say they are plug and play,they dont with windows xp:
    on that have fun this works 100%

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    Re: usb to serial convertor

    cheers m8 ...tried this on XP a while back and you are spot on it didn't work shall now try again...many thanks

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