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Thread: Lastest release of MPCS-ftv

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    Lastest release of MPCS-ftv

    FTV v0.51.4

    - Core - a new simple system limitacji ECM account, replacing anticascade.
    in the [account] or add a Rate Limit parameter specifying the number of possible ECM per minute for this account.
    Rate = 0 or no parameter means no limit.
    Enter an optional parameter Penalty set out how the user will be blocked when it exceeds the limit.
    Penalty = 0, the user gets the answer NOT FOUND
    Penalty = 1 answer FAKE (random Dcw)
    Penalty = 2 answer DISABLE (the user is treated as if he was blocked - ECMy are ignored)
    The default is 0
    Check and change of state takes place every 30 seconds.
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    Re: Lastest release of MPCS-ftv

    Cant you give mi i best version for server lunix 32 bits

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    Re: Lastest release of MPCS-ftv


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