AAF 2010 World Cup Image ufs922

Boot image Kasimi

Amendments to the Spirit of Spring Image:

GIT rev1057
+ Fix freesat EPG
+ Stream Proxy improved
+ Front panel buttons (Kathrein UFS910)
+ Fix tuner failed (Atevio 7000/HDBOX)
+ Update kernel config (TF 7700)
+ Update kernel config (Atevio 700/Octagon1008)
+ HDD memory indicator in the VFD (TF7700)
+ Fix kernel STM22 (IPBOX)
+ PowerOff icon in the VFD (TF7700)

AAF M3472

+ Szap (TV picture while already booting in under 30 seconds is possible)
+ Szaplong for virtually seamless transition into E2
+ Progress bar during boot (optional)
+ Fixed text button in MC
+ Remote control panel configuration in the AAF (Atevio 700/7000)
+ FullHD icon in the info bar at 1080i HD Ready with 720p channels
+ Bootargs IP config Fix (TF7770)
+ Fix CI-CAM (UFS-910)