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Thread: QBoxHD Backup utility

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    QBoxHD Backup utility


    This is a BACKUP package for the QBoxHD.
    The software in this package reads all the content of the USB pendrive where
    the root filesystem of the QBoxHD resides AND the content of the NOR flash
    and writes them to the backup USB pendrive in the form of an UPDATE package
    that is used for updating the QBoxHD.
    This means that after executing this backup procedure the USB pendrive with
    the backup package will have a new directory called qboxhd_update with the
    following content:

    |-- README.txt
    |-- nor
    | |-- bs
    | |-- logo
    | |-- uboot
    | |-- uimage
    | `-- uinitramfs
    |-- rootfs.cpio

    The files contained inside the above directory can be considered a verbatim copy
    of the running QBoxHD and are ready for updating another QBoxHD.

    The USB drive where this backup package resides must be formatted as vfat.



    1. Copy the compressed file qboxhd_backup_ddmmyy.tbz to a USB pendrive
    2. Optional: If you want a faster update procedure, uncompress the file
    inside the USB flash drive. This will create a qboxhd_backup directory
    3. Turn off the QBoxHD
    4. Insert the USB flash drive that contains the backup file/directory
    5. Turn on the QBoxHD
    6. The backup procedure starts. The LCD will display the backup status.
    7. When the backup procedure finishes, the QBoxHD will continue with
    the normal start-up
    8. Remove the USB pendrive that will contain the just created backup.

    Backup contents

    |-- README.txt
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