First i would like to say its a long time since i posted anything here but hope that i get information like i used to do as i am having no success on other forums.
I am after a long period of time trying to get back into the satellite world but a little rusty !
Just purchased a Smart MX04 HDCI so i can view the BBC & ITV HD channels and what a difference !
This receiver has a CI slot but with being out of touch for a long time would really like to know what is the best cam/card to buy so that i can use the keys and files that are being posted regular again now.
I have done a little reading on this and other forums and think maybe the Diablo cam and the Millennium card are the things to go for. If i get a Diablo do i still need a card for it ?, and if i get the Millenium card which cam do i need ?. I still have a few old items around like the Magic cam and the Matrix Reloaded Cam together with a gold card and a pheonix usb programmer, are these still of any use ?.
Can someone please let me know what i can do with what i have got or what i need to buy so that i can get started !!
Thanks in advance