hello everyone,

Need some help flashing starsat 6300 cu super, cause it blocks on "Run" with each flash file i use, and when i pass the clean file it works fine but "menu+2020" or "menu+2121" are disabled cause it returns to factory defaults, i can't flash it, i've tried all the updates from satdw or skydownload, i don't wanna use jtag, i need some help plz

PS: can i pass dump file without jtag ? if yes, so can someone post the dump file here...

PPS: the flash log :

Please power on your STB.
Open Serial Port..
Sync to serial port..
Send Address..
Move Chunk:bootloader
Download Chunk:maincodeC
Download Chunk:CAS_data
->Error:No Packet receive!
in execute command:transfer -z 65664 7457
Move Chunk:ScriptGUI
Move Chunk:logo
Move Chunk:logo_radio
Download Chunk:defaultdb
Move Chunk:userdb
Burn Flash, DO NOT power off!

when it reboots it blocks on "RUN"

Thx in advance !!