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Thread: DM500 vs DM800 HD: please help with set-up!

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    DM500 vs DM800 HD: please help with set-up!


    I'm in the process of buying a DM800 HD. I'm currently running the white UK card in my DM500 using Cccam 2.1.3 and NewCS 1.66.

    I know the Cccam.cfg and NewCS.xml files need to go into slightly different folders because the DM800 is Enigma2 while the DM500 is Enigma1.

    However, can I simply use my existing cfg and xml files to run the white card in the DM800, please?

    Any help is much appreciated!!!


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    Re: DM500 vs DM800 HD: please help with set-up!


    Yes you can...

    Dm500 is enigma1 & Dm800 is enigma2... /var on 500 is /usr on 800.

    You can use DCC for each Dm just change IP ( don't forget to save your file on your PC hard disk before any change).


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