Cabler Cogas surpasses 50% digital homes
By Robert Briel
Published: June 24, 2010 07.38 Europe/London

Half of the total of 74,118 connected homes now take digital television from the regional Dutch cable operator Cogas. Around 40% have broadband internet access and 30% buy cable telephony from the cabler.

Last year, the operator started re-selling the “All-in-1″ offer from Ziggo across its network. Aggressive marketing and pricing of their triple play products also helped Cogas in preventing FTTH provider Reggefiber to roll out a fibre service in the municipality of Enter. The FTTH operator decided to pull out of the market; its policy is only to build a network if at least 40% of all homes in an areas actually commit themselves to a two-year contract to access the fibre net.

The triple play offer has been extremely successful for Cogas “At the end of 2009 we already reached our goal for 2010,” said Michiel Kirch, MD of Cogas Kabel. The operator serves areas in the eastern part of The Netherlands over its own network.