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Thread: Cam for Yes company in Israel

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    Cam for NDS


    I am new here and I am not sure if I should post this here or somewhere else, I hope it's the right place (if not, please move the thread to where it belongs).

    I am living in Israel, and I am paying the local satellite company (the company name is "yes") a monthly pay.
    I live in a private house so I have a private Satellite dish on the roof from Yes company.

    I decided that I want to watch the Yes channels on my pc instead on my Tv.
    Since I new to this, I am not really sure where to start.

    I bought tevii s660 and Smargo SmartReader plus.
    I am using Ubuntu Linux 10.04 with Mythtv.

    I read in the manual of Mythtv that I need a cam for my satellite provider card to watch all the channels that I pay for them every month. The thing is that the yes company in Israel do not give support for watching with the pc so I have no idea how can I get the cam That I need.

    Yes have 3-4 kinds of cards. I know that today people here was able to use one card for watching in the pc, but I have another kind of card (and yes do not sell the good kind for pc anymore) and I decided to try to find out the cam myself. the thing is I don't know where to start so any help will be appreciate.
    If I need. I will install windows.

    thanks again for any help. :)

    Edit: I forgot to mention that Yes is using NDS cards and Amos satellite.

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    Re: Cam for NDS


    For linux softcam, search for sasc-ng and/or sc ;)


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