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Thread: ViewSat Private Support WFEMU v023mex

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    ViewSat Private Support WFEMU v023mex

    ViewSat Private Support WFEMU v023mex

    just passing along.

    this runs in Linux.....
    you will need a private server to connect..
    no dongle needed
    skymex and NA
    Here is WFEMU v0.23mex fresh off a 24h test run.

    This version includes CaID's within the CaID-Map for SKY Mexico (should not affect the previous CaIDs working fine) and therefore the "mex" tag on the version.

    Also fixed in this version, the 2-4 hour loss of PTY communications problem, it was some mishandling of the file descriptors for the /proc reads to hunt the slave PID. Just ran for 24h straight with zero issues.

    wfemu v0.23mex("mex" version with experimental CaID-Map support for SKY mexico)
    This Linux app acts like a "Weather Forecastor"
    It will allow you to use your Viewsat with normal SSSP clients by converting the "Weather Forecastor" format into a more usable "Captiveworks"SSSP format.
    This is compiled for i386 basic CPU type, and will run on any Intel-like Linux system. With x86_64 you will probably need the 32-bit compatibility packages installed
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