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Thread: Diablo & CAS3

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    Diablo & CAS3

    Hi all,

    I have a Topfield 5000PVR with 2 empty CI slots. To view channels on Astra & Hotbird, do I need the following???

    CAS3 plus interface
    Diablo CAM (which version)
    Card (which type)

    Thanks for the help!!

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    Re: Diablo & CAS3

    To view ~which~ Channels exactly?
    AFAIK; only CNL and CSAT are/were open with the Diablo² CAM.
    Of which I believed that CSAT was a Diablo² exclusive.
    in any case it would seem that CSAT is currently down (NOTE I HAVEN'T TESTED THIS OUT FOR MYSELF!)

    If everything is cool you shouldn't need a Card

    As for the CAS2+/CAS3+ yeah irregardless of whichever Diablo CAM you want you will need One of these!

    As for your Choices you have the:

    Diablo Rev. 2.2 (Forget this version I don't think you can even find this outside of eBay these days anyway e.g DEAD!)
    Diablo Light Rev. 2.3 (This is the current Diablo version for Stealth & Underworld Firmwares)
    Diablo Wi-Fi Rev. 2.3 (Same as above but with Wireless Cardsharing abilities)

    Finally there's the:
    Diablo² Light Rev. 3.9 (This version only supports the Horizon/Transformer/Ipnosys Firmwares)

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    Re: Diablo & CAS3


    Thanks for the info. So now I know I need CAS3+. What Diablo CAM do you suggest for me to view channels encrypted with Seca/Viaccess/Nagra. What are Stealth & Underworld firmwares?


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