Globo tests Internet catch up for TV

The Brazilian broadcasting TV station Globo is trying to offer its content through Internet in new TV sets with IP connection and a free-to-air TV like quality. The channel has already presented a trial broadcasting using 2 Mbps bandwidth. With such technology, TV Globo is getting ready to offer services such as catch up TV and VOD.

The technology Director of the company, Fernando Bitterncourt, pointed out that the business model had not been defined yet, and that, so far, only the technology was being tested. However, hementioned the possibility to offer catch up TV, "which enables the user to recover missed chapters of a series or soap opera". The broadcasting company has already presented this project at a press event where broadcasting via Internet was carried out in an LG device.

According to the Engineering Director of the channel, Raymundo Barros, "Globo does not think low quality video broadcasting will succeed in big screens". That is the reason why, they are focused on "guaranteeing a quality the closest to free-to-air TV quality".