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    Settings Qbox Hd

    E2 Motor Settings 75E> <45W PL 04-07-2010

    List based on Vhannibal Settings

    Balance at 04 07 2010

    From the original list, you can create your own satellite configuration.
    For this purpose editor such as Notepad2 to the Linux open the file and remove entries unnecessary packages.

    Example: we want to get only the list for the Astra and Hot Bird. In the file remove lines from 51 upwards. Packages can be easily calculated as DreamBoxEdit, where TV is a User Bouquets Line 1, top - line 2, etc..
    Analogously proceed with the radio package. To do this, edit the file

    You can also use the safer, but it lasted much longer method: right click the mouse on any channel in the left box and choose from the context 'remove satellite'

    After saving, open the program list DreamboxEdit and upload it to the receiver.

    Gracias a Webkurier
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