France Televisions launches new catch-up TV portal
By Robert Briel
Published: July 2, 2010 09.29 Europe/London

The French state broadcaster France Televisions will launch its new catch-up TV portal,, on Monday, July 5.

The new service will be available on the internet, as well as on the IPTV services from Orange and Free. Access will be free of charge and it will be funded by advertising, though the broadcaster does not exclude other (pay) models for the future.

With the new portal for the five public channels (France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5 and France Ô), Philippe Deloeuvre, strategic marketing director of France Televisions, has the ambition is to “multiply by two” the number of stream requests for France Televisions, which amounts to 1 million video views per day.

Initially there will 300 programmes and 790 video clips available. will add 72 hours of new programming a day, which will remain available for a period of seven days.