80E: Russian Platform Viva TV resumed broadcasting

Orion Express this afternoon resumed operating its satellite platform, Viva TV on Express AM2 satellite. Morning broadcast was terminated. During the afternoon, but resumed again in the range from June 30, 2010 except Feniks + Cinema, who has ceased broadcasting.

Orion Express had planned to terminate the operation of today packets Viva TV. Viewers who still is not enough to skip by 5.2 degrees to the east makes it possible to do so by August 1, 2010. He should Viva TV completely stopped.

Orion Express is now concentrating on its new product offering under the brand name on the Continent TV satellite, Intelsat 15 (85.2E) in the second code, Irdeto

Technical parameters:
Express AM 2 (80E) freq 11.044 GHz, pol. H, SR 44950, FEC 5/6, DVB-S/QPSK

The reason for the end and leave Viva TV 80E position is problematic state of the art satellite Express AM2. Most broadcasters already left the satellite.