Dance Channel TV HD began test broadcasts on ASTRA 3B

A new international music channel high-definition video - Dance HD TV began test broadcasts on the Astra 3B (23.5 E). On one of the transponders with a pan-European coverage of the test pattern appeared, which includes a logo with English text Comming soon (coming soon).

Start Dance TV HD is scheduled for July 7, 2010. Station will initially broadcast under the FTA (free), so posting will be available for all music fans.

Dance TV HD is a brand new international television stations from the Netherlands, which will focus on the international dance and club scene. DJ will bring concerts, festivals and interviews and background information to producers and DJs. Broadcast transmissions of the best clubs in the world and lifestyle magazines. Dance TV will not broadcast any HD video. This will differ from other satellite "Dance" television. After the Dance MTVN HD TV HD only the second channel with the ambition to broadcast throughout Europe.

Technical parameters:

Satellite: Astra 3B (23.5°E)
Frequency: 12.032 GHz
Polarisation: Horizontal
SR: 27500
FEC: 9/10
Standard: DVB-S2
Modulation: QPSK
encryption (CA system): none

Dance TV HD broadcast will initially operate as a taster. Initial free broadcast station has the task of promoting and ensuring a better position to negotiate with the network operators paid for their inclusion in the program menu.

Company TradeTec and Towercom, Skylink service providers, yet with HD TV Dance nevyjednávají. Whether it will start will depend on the actual content and quality of the real station. The advantage is that Dance TV HD broadcasts from the Astra 3B - namely from 23.5°E and is not necessary to invest in capacity for inclusion in the program menu.

Test Dance HD TV broadcasts are now in the compression format MPEG-4/H.264/HD 1440x1080 resolution with video bit rate is 8.2 Mbit/s and sound quality 384 kbit/s (AC3).