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Thread: Funfiles - various?

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    Funfiles - various?


    Until now I have only used Fun for Via***, but I would very much try other solutions.
    I must admit, that I have become very confused by the big amount of various files.

    Which files must I use to decrypt what on which transponder??

    I see 6 in 1, sid_9_fun, mach1 etc.?????

    I can point my LNBīs at 1W, 5E, 13E and 19.2 E - where do I have most joy?

    I have different Funcards and Titan2card, and I use either a Funprogger or the Infinity Phoenix USB. And my receiver is a Force 1133 S with emb. via and conax.

    Can/will anyone help reducing my confusion?

    Thanks on beforehand!

    George, DK

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    Re: Funfiles - various?

    hi just bought a fun card 7 i know how to prog it....but you say you use it viaaccess chs i use a mr cam which seems get most chs...but it would be nice to prog the funcard 7 and put in via slot on my 2110 echostar...but never found a file that works....
    cheers paul

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