OSN to launch 3D this summer
by John Parnell on Jul 6, 2010

Pay TV operator OSN will begin offering 3D content this summer, the company has announced.

Video on demand (VOD) content will be pushed to the company’s new set top boxes, which are currently being rolled out to customers.

“OSN will bring 3D to the market this summer,” said Marc-Antoine d’Halluin, CEO, OSN. “3D movies will be sent to the new Showbox – branded Showbox HD – for users with 3D-enabled TV sets.”

Speaking at a conference hosted by The National newspaper, d’Halluin said that activities like this are intrinsically linked to the future success of the company.

“The current generation are used to getting content online for free from many different sources. The challenge facing the pay TV industry is finding a way to get them to spend money on television,” claimed d’Halluin.

“The answer is a combination of having the right technology and the right content. Technology wise, it is important to offer the best – HD is a given, 3D is also important.
If operators can bring value to the customer, then they will be happier to consider paying for it.”