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    Power Control - Power Management

    Power Control - Power Management



    so far as some time has passed and has been published by the manufacturer Vu + yet appropriate, I can now present for some time and thought to tire of the idea for the next evolutionary step in energy management for our Vu + Duo and current Dream boxes. The Vu + solo is not currently supported.

    I had the dates back some free time, the result can be found here now, I have just created a fresh version of Release:

    The power control system plugin is meant to replace the fancontrol plugin and offers considerably more functionality. The plugin was written from scratch and works very system level. Please therefore used only one of the two plugins, so there are no conflicts. The plugin currently supports the languages English / German.

    General goal of the plugin a descent of the heat, especially to allow for the standby mode, and a marginal reduction in electricity consumption can be achieved in standby mode (I have not measured it).
    Background is that the fan turned off by default in the standby mode and thus reduces the heat on, it is recommended that the power mode to save energy "to select for the standby and the second CPU core" CPU 1 "label. Those who want to experiment further, which can reduce the CPU frequency and hence the heat capacity in operation mode.

    Power Control is perhaps the first open source plugin, which comes from the direction of Vu + development but also specifically suitable for current Dream Boxing, which I personally welcome. Of course, are only the functions that are supported by the platform. I'm interested to see whether future move in this direction, "something is or it will stay with this case.

    Unfortunately, I was able to evaluate the function only on my Vu + duo, because I can not Dreambox is available ... I look forward to your feedback and support where appropriate (in whatever form).

    In order to use the plugin's power management features, the image must be equipped with an appropriate kernel. Here the attached kernel patch and the following are enabled in the Kernelkonfig:


    The plugin is only - as always visible after a restart Enigma2 GUI - under the system settings and only if Enigma2 is run in expert mode.

    In general, to be self settings. The available options are shown as a function of the system configuration and selection options. The functionality of the fan in operation mode to disable software engineering - without disconnecting the fan - is experimental and is at some hazard.

    Special thanks also go to xener for the kernel patch, and his previous testing.

    scope34 aka Andreas Nobel

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