Discovery HD Showcase, Discovery World, Discovery Science, Discovery Travel + Living and the spectrum of HD in the new digital television UPC

UPC for the seventh time this year is expanding its TV deal. This time it is a documentary television channel Discovery HD Showcase, Discovery World, Discovery Science and Discovery Travel & Living. These stations will be added at the end of July and August, more HD TV channels range. Number of television stations in the UPC digital TV will reach hundred and seven. Eighty-four of whom will be broadcast in Czech or Slovak language and thirteen high-definition (HD). HD programs are in UPC - unlike paid separately HD offers of other operators - available at no extra charge. All are distributed in an advanced MPEG4 compression.

"The spectrum of HD TV channels from the Discovery family of one of the best, what is the document in the European world of television available. And it goes without saying that our television customers can not be deprived of them ", commented the inclusion of five new stations Vaclav Barton, CEO of UPC, adding:" Customers can be confident that UPC digital television is the most convenient and easiest way to get to the most interesting television offer the highest technical quality. Thirteen HD TV channels in our digital television, the highest in the range of one company, there's also a compelling reason. "

Program offer television station Discovery World is based on a broad range of documentaries submitting stories from the world of contemporary history, and this unusual and original manner. Viewers can learn more about the world that surrounds them, and become familiar with the facts that affect it. The most popular pořadům include: Weaponology, Monarch or Zero Hour. Discovery World broadcasts 24 hours a day, in Czech.

Discovery Science explains the greatest technological projects, a groundbreaking discoveries, information on interesting trends in research and practical use of modern technology. All this easily understandable and often entertaining manner. Its reliable information to help find answers to the questions "what" 'how' and 'why'. The most popular pořadům include: Brainiac, Beyond Tomorrow, How it's made and Ekopolis. Discovery Science broadcasts 24 hours a day, in Czech.

Discovery Travel & Living is a lifestyle television channel aimed primarily at women. Speak on topics and problems that are facing in their daily lives face: eg health, family, career, relationships, friendship, fashion and leisure. Its scope is broad indeed, from shows such as "transformation" and the wedding planning to educating children, cooking, personal growth and adjustment, and interior decoration. The most popular serials include: Say yes to the dress, Jon & Kate Plus 8, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, Grand Designs, or home nanny. It broadcasts 24 hours a day in English

The program offer Discovery HD Showcase find a unique combination of the best series and programs from the Discovery portfolio. Image resolution is 1080i, which guarantees the highest quality. It broadcasts 24 hours a day, in English.

At the turn of July and August will be added to these television stations and television stations Spectrum HD. Spectrum of HD is one of the most entertaining and educational stations, which aims to promote popular science-oriented programs, both on society, civilization, history and nature and travel, or problems of family life. Station not only offers numerous programs purchased from international distributors, but also emphasizes its own production. A very local character differs from other similar spectrum of thematic television channels. Will be broadcast daily in the original version. Czech language track, however, in preparation.

All the new channels are in digital cable TV included in the highest bid and the Supreme Plus package. Prices for any of the offers it does not change.

Warning: The North Bohemia will be a new one classified television stations for technical reasons, only available in late July and early August.