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Thread: Lublin : 3years imprisonment for sharing

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    Lublin : 3years imprisonment for sharing

    Lublin : 3years imprisonment for sharing

    * Source: CSO Lublin

    Police Headquarters in Lublin informed that in the last days of June the police departments Att. with the CSO and PG KMP Lublin, together with experts in the field of computer forensics, and company employees lege artis service from Warsaw - dealing with copyright protection - closed down in the district of Lublin three points of illegal pay-TV broadcast signals of digital platforms, that is "central sharing" . Suspected persons may now threaten punishment to three years imprisonment.

    On the trail of illegal activity encountered the police in Lublin through observation and monitoring of the Internet. Persons sharing hosting service offered via the Internet to provide complete packages of various satellite platforms. "Audience" or "Levi subscribers" can get TV signal in illegal web, not being a paid subscriber platforms. According to preliminary findings from these illegal services benefited more than 30 persons.

    Police action on two addresses in Lublin and one of the flats in the district of Lublin. In the attic of one of the buildings 26-year-old resident of the district of Lublin had a small "server room" specifically for sharingu. Anyone interested in the illegal removal of the signal obtain access to the server from the suspect's 26-year-old, and later provided with an password. Two residents of Lublin, at the age of 33 and 35 years can offer customers the use of digital television, using the software to receive, then the division of powers.

    In the course of action the police seized, among others server with three hard disks, three satellite receivers, card reader, USB, 4 card platforms, 3 laptops, 6 hard drives, and dozens of computer storage media in the form of CDs, DVDs and memory sticks.

    The exact calculation of the losses resulting from the different platforms of the organizers of criminal activity sharing, it will be possible to determine the exact number of recipients and the duration was established. Persons who were engaged in illegal pay-mailings, and the threat of punishment to three years imprisonment.
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