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Thread: technocom X-25000

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    technocom X-25000

    any info about technocoms x-25000 HDTV ????

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    Hi friends
    here last soft for technocoms x- 25000HD

    good luck
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    Re: technocom X-25000

    thank u very much friend, can you pls post a website where can i find such software for X-25000HD, cos it seems this receiver is not known that much...
    thank you again very much..

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    Re: technocom X-25000

    here is last new soft V1.59 for technocoms 25000HD
    V1.59 - 2010-07-06
    1)Correct server status
    2)Show NewCS server port field
    3)Make patch and server enable by default
    4)Fix STB boot bug when dongle box connected to serial port
    5)Fix recording channel audio and video freezing bug
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    Re: technocom X-25000

    i just wanna know how to update my X-25000 software the whole procedure pleaseeeeeeeeee

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    Re: technocom X-25000

    you should not install the firm when u buyed i can try to get firmware for x25000

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