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Thread: Dual DVB-S cards, which one to try?

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    Dual DVB-S cards, which one to try?

    Hello all,

    I'm building a home theater in a fanless pc with 1 PCI-e slot. I want to have 2 DVB-S inputs in my device to be able to watch one TV channel and record another one.

    I have found such a PCI-e satellite card:
    that seems to have everything in it (two DVB-S2 inputs, two CI slots), but this device seems to have only Linux driver. I can use Linux OS in my appliance, so it's not a problem. But my main concern is the driver stability as this is an open-source software. Did anyone test this card? Is is stable enough?

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    Re: Dual DVB-S cards, which one to try?

    i tried installing 3 skystar2 cards in a spare pc and found they worked well ..thix was in linux as i had to feed signals to 3 different rooms...

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