How to enable DVR mode in any image and have a true video key

Hi all,
right first of all you need to ftp the file called rcdm5xxx.xml
from /share/tuxbox/enigma/resources to your pc.

Then you need to edit it and delete any line that has the words

key="help" flags="m" />

at the end of it.

Then you also need to edit these 2 lines


<action name="toggleDVRFunctions" key="video" flags="m" />
<action name="toggleStyle" key="video" flags="m" />


<action name="toggleDVRFunctions" key="help" flags="m" />
<action name="toggleStyle" key="help" flags="m" />

then save the file.

FTP the file to /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/resources folder
set attributes to 755

Reboot the dreambox and you now have a fully functioning video key (the help key) able to bring
up the dvr panel whilst watching a channel and to
change the list view whilst in a bouquet/provider/satellite list.

Hope this helps somone