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Thread: Marca TV comes back to Spain

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    Marca TV comes back to Spain

    Marca TV comes back to Spain

    Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 08-07-2010

    Marca_TVAxed Spanish digital-terrestrial sports channel Marca TV will return, through media groups Mediapro and Veo TV owner Unidad Editorial. The channel will be dedicated to sports information as it was before disappearing some years ago.

    The comeback will coincide with the World Basketball Championship taking pace from August 28 in Turkey. The channel's management are studying the possibility of offering sports contents via pay-per-view.

    At its first stage the channel will have 120 employees and its goal is to become number one in sports information TV channels.

    Marca TV will use one of the frequencies assigned to Unidad Editorial on DTT.

    © Rapid TV News 2010
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