Astra 1G, a satellite of the European satellite operator SES Astra, was parked at the target orbital position 31.5 degrees east. In this position will now ensure the transmission of television and radio programs, and data services.

Astra 1G according to the plan will replace the existing Astra 2C satellite, which then moves back to a position 28.2°E for the needs of UK and Irish Market (UK Sky platform and Freese).

The results of operation of the Astra 2C to Astra 1G should occur next week. It is not yet known satellite coverage of the new position. Recall that Astra 2C to 31.5°E in two volumes - East and West. The second allows for signal reception in Central Europe with parabolas from approximately 60 cm. Eastern alliance can take us even with parabolas from a diameter of about 120 cm.

Astra 1G originally worked on 23.5°E. The satellite was free at the end of June after the results service on new satellite Astra 3B.