Telekom Austria adds channels to IPTV service

Telekom Austria has added a number of channels to its IPTV service 'aonTV', bringing the total to 91 TV channels in the basic package, 30 premium TV channels and 10 HD channels.

The channels Fox Channel, TNT Film, TNT Serie, Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Body in Balance will be added to the premium package, while the regional channel Wien TV will be added to the basic package. New customers who order before October 5th will get the premium package for free until November 30th, after which they will have to pay €9.90 per month, while existing customers of the premium package will get the six new channels automatically.

The telco passed the 100k milestone for its IPTV customer base in the fourth quarter of 2009, reaching 101,300 customers by the end of last year, up 58.9% from the end of 2008. Last February the company selected Ericsson to upgrade its IPTV platform in order to deliver blended content services to multiple devices and introduce a next-generation user interface.