45E: Latina F with a new symbol rate. Mux expanded on City TV

Intelsat satellite at position 12 to 45 degrees east now has to adjust the parameters of the distribution package Bulgarian television and radio programs, which includes the popular music station Latina F. The packet now increased the symbol rate from the original value of 14200 to 20000 ksymb/s. The packet also includes a new station.

Bulgarian packet is also expanded to include new programs - a music television station City TV and radio programs of Radio 1, BG Radio, Radio City, Radio Energy, Radio Veronica, Radio 1 Rock and Radio Nova. All of these new stations are currently broadcast on the satellite Thor 6 (0.8°W), and everything indicates that the position of 0.8°W, and distribution will cease to use the new satellite, which now includes the new Bulgarian DTH platform using Vivacom two DVB-S2 multiplexes the encrypted programs in the system Videoguard.

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In addition to the stations in the multiplex freq 11.632 GHz transmit and distribute the Program before VTK, Ltina F, BG TV, TV1, VTV (all FTA) and the CTV, CTV and CTV Comedy Cinema (CA Irdeto 2).

Technical parameters:
Intelsat 12 (45°E) freq 11.632 GHz, pol. V, SR 20000, FEC 3/4, DVB-S2/8PSK