USB/BA (AV700): Neutrino by BPanther (STM22 - rev1112)

rev1099-> rev1112 
- Query SCART / HDMI becomes active, 1 = SCART / CHINCH, EXIT = HDMI 
- Translations of the new options in the Tools menu possible 
- Set font in the logo slightly higher 
- Start-resolution changeable 
- Fix audio player (tnx Schischu) 
- Fix Info News / Update Check 
- "Translate" (updated tnx j00zek) 
moved - and radiomode.jpg shutdown.jpg to / var / boot 
- Screen saver list of the audio player is now part of the image viewer currently displays only *. jpg 

For screensaver itself should also be noted: 
- There are currently only *. jpg (ending sensitive) support. 
- There is absolutely needed swap. I had about 30MB of swap in use at about 480 jpg's and 2x100 MB mp3 (2x70min.). 
- It should be in place if possible in jpg's directory only valid, invalid files will be skipped, but costs may be unnecessarily time. 
- It is a delay in the operation, if one expresses precisely when an image is just trying to load invalid or files must be überprungen. Depending on the stick / HDD speed may take a few seconds. So not as wild rumhämmern on the FB. * G * If possible, use a HDD is therefore best, easy times faster than a stick. 
- Are the pictures gone through, start again from the beginning. 
- Images can also right in the operation of the Screen Savers are exchanged. But beware: not a valid jpg Is there more stops the screensaver. This can, however, by pressing a button, for example be [i] (and wait) is moving to restart again.