Sky Italia began testing Videoguard 4

Italian satellite pay-TV Sky Italia has launched trials of a new access card working in a conditional access system, n.d.s Videoguard 4. The new system is blocking the illegal sharing of cards (card sharing), which became a big hit.

Sky Italia platform offers programs from the Hot Bird satellite at the orbital position 13E. It is not known when the new system Videoguard 4 fully operational.

EMM: CA ID: 0x0919 Videoguard (n.d.s) - CA PID: 0x012D - NDS2

EMM: CA ID: 0x093B Videoguard (n.d.s) - CA PID: 0x012D - NDS3

EMM: CA ID: 0x09CD Videoguard (n.d.s) - CA PID: 0x012D - NDS4