Hi there,
I have been doing tons of research on this subjuct but understandable english documentation is hard to come by. I live in on a farm in South Africa with two houses with the same owner spaced far apart. I have a valid subscription for Multichoice SA.
My idea is two purchase two dreamboxes (one server one client) and cardshare from the one house to the other. I have read enough for me to understand the cardsharing process and I'm pretty sure I can do it. My big question is:

1) Will this work since Multichoice has introduced the decoder/smartcard marriage - Would entering a box code on the dreambox overcome this?

2) Would I need to enter the box code on the client as well as the server?

3) Will this still work since Multichoice is forcing everyone to upgrade to the new Zeta +2 smartcards?

4) Will this work since Multichoice is in the process of switching to the Kuband?

5) What model of the ddreambox would I need to make this work?

Does anyone have experience with this? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated :)

Mr Organik.