solve the crash problem (runtime-error "5") at the beginning of the recording / streaming.
Now you are able to record all audio PID\'s that you configure in the time settings (so far
only the first was used) or you can record all actual running audio PID\'s (e.q. german, english,
french, DD 2.0 or DD 5.1), configured by the WinGrabEngine settings.


1. stop a running NGrab
2. take a backup for the files NGrabEngine10.dll and NGrab.exe (backup, copy, rename etc.)
3. copy the file NGrabEngine10.dll to the directory (my PC) \'C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\NGrab\\NGrabCommon\'
4. copy the file NGrab.exe to the directory (my PC) \'C:\\Program Files\\NGrab\'
5. start NGrab
6. finally recording with all audio streams