release 0.9.7
- enabled the possibility to use "openvpn --auth-user-pass FILE" command
- update openvpn to last stable release (it should solve problems on connection timeout)
- fixed the bug on recordings playback
- fixed RGB green color on Scart
- fixed AutoSwitch on Scart (so you can set if enable it or not in the enigma2 menu, this is not true
if the receiver is in standby mode: this means you will have always the signal trhought TV scart if something connected to the VCR Scart)
- fixed widesignal over the Scart connector
- fixed Scart's signals on cuberevo-250hd
- some other fixes on Scart to send the good signal to let other devices know that a signal is present
- fixed a bug on tuxtxt
- fixed the bug: channel name on front display when standby mode active in some casual cases
- fixed the bug: channel name on front display when standby mode active after that mediaplayer is used
- added fw_env.config in /etc/ directory, on flash you can edit it in the /var/etc/ directory (usefull for ippe's multibood editor plugin)
- fixed osd screenshot on webif
- /mnt/ directory is now writeable in flash version
- /media/ directory is now writeable in flash version
- little fixes for screen resolution mode changing
- fixed the reading for front panel display settings
- fixed the reading for time settings (let me know if you will find other bugs on getting correctly the time)
- fixed webremote on webinterface
- updated timezone list, more option available now same as the standard (if you find any kind of problem just report it)
- on flash version: now CleanupWizard should not ask you all the time to free the space left
- added possibility to update Date/Time automatically using the CuberevoVFD plugin (usefull for first enigma2 start: just press the yellow button
on the plugin screen and when you will exit from the plugin, the channel tuned will get updates for current date/time)
- fixed many e2 pathes to prevent from unwanted crashes
- optimized a bit the free space (now enigma2 should take less space than previous versions)
- Unicable should be better usable now
- added TuxboxPlugins plugin (wich should run old tuxbox *.so plugins: default directory where to place plugins is "/usr/lib/tuxbox/plugins/")
- first try fix for zd1211b and added also zd1211 wireless driver (insmod the zd1211.ko or zd1211b.ko module if you need to use it)
- first try fix for rt2870/rt3070 wireless driver (insmod the rt3070sta.ko module if you need to use it)
- update Enigma2 CVS to 03/07/2010

About wireless drivers: please report if they are working or not (i can't test them directly)

Enjoy it! Tideglo
POINT Changes for 9.6.1:

- A lot of cosmetic changes to improve stability and speed

Greetings to Polish Team Kathi